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The Singing Voice: An Owner’s Manual (2nd edition)

by Pat Wilson

Practical hints, advice and information for training and trained performers who need to keep their singing voice in working trim. Not a how-to-sing book! The writing is clear and down-to-earth, spiced with a sense of humor. Witty illustrations, coupled with the author’s warm voice, guide the reader through wide-ranging topics vital for singers, actors and other professional performance practitioners. What’s the right song for me? Which microphone should I buy? How do I cope with asthma? Eating do’s and don’ts for singers? Can I overcome my stage-fright? What to wear to an audition? How does air travel affect my voice? These pills won’t harm my voice, will they?

Pat Wilson’s Song Workbook

by Pat Wilson

The text of a song matters a lot. It is easy to be seduced by a familiar tune that you enjoy… too easy to let it waft you through the words of the song so that you get to the end and say to yourself ‘What was that all about?’ And if you don’t know, your audience will have even less of an idea.

Pat Wilson’s Repertoire QuickLists: Music Theatre Songs for Children and Young People

by Pat Wilson

This is a resource book designed to help anyone who wants to find appropriate music theatre solos for younger performers. It does not pretend to be comprehensive; I admit to reflecting my own preferences and interests in this selections, while listing from several readily-available anthologies as well.

How to Sing & See: Singing pedagogy in the digital era

by Jean Callaghan and Pat Wilson

The teachers’ manual to accompany Sing & See software.

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