Pat Wilson’s Song Workbook

by Pat Wilson

The text of a song matters a lot. It is easy to be seduced by a familiar tune that you enjoy… too easy to let it waft you through the words of the song so that you get to the end and say to yourself ‘What was that all about?’ And if you don’t know, your audience will have even less of an idea.

This WorkBook offers a way of making sense of song lyrics, by giving a three-step text preparation technique. Once these steps have been completed, it then provides eleven different games to play with the song words;

  • Springboard
  • Through Phrase
  • I Say, I Say… The Dialogue Game
  • Colour Me Emotional
  • Action!
  • Hot Words
  • Graph of Temperature and Pressure
  • Song Without Words
  • Language of Intent, or Ad. Slogans

Using at least four of these eleven games should guarantee a very clear actor’s grasp of the importance of the song lyric to the singer.

The intention of this graphic-rich WorkBook is to provide a thorough, easy-to-use system to make a singer’s lyric preparation as imaginative and thoughtful as possible.

‘If the words didn’t matter it wouldn’t be a song.’

© Copyright 2024, Pat Wilson

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