Pat Wilson - When We Are Old and Gay

Photograph by Grant Lyndon, Australia

Pat’s wealth of performing and writing experience, coupled with her many years experience as a vocal technician and coach, makes her a much sought after teacher. While highly versatile, she specialises in music theatre genres, teaching actors to sing and singers to act. She’s also one of the developers of the new Sing & See software, where your vocal performance is displayed on a computer screen.


  • Helping you understand how to work with the neuromuscular structures of your body in order to produce the most efficient and effective singing
  • The range of vocal qualities required for singing music theatre styles
  • Connecting body, spirit and song in a seamless and artistic whole
  • Vocal rehabilitation in collaboration with other voice care professionals
  • Choosing repertoire best reflecting your age, voice quality and personality
  • Preparation for professional music theatre auditions
  • Preparing accompaniment recordings of your repertoire to assist home practice
  • Jazz styles, including improvisation
  • Recording personalised warm-up tapes designed to assist you to develop specific areas of your voice in your home practice sessions
  • Honouring the lyric in performance – teaching singers to act and actors to sing
  • Remembering always that the basis of singing is joy!


Pat’s studio is situated in Woodville, a western suburb of Adelaide.  It’s close to Woodville Park railway station, and a block away from a bus route. Free parking is readily available.


Grand piano, electronic keyboards, audio recording, P.A.
An extensive music library (hard copy and digital) covering music theatre, jazz, M-O-R, and some rock and pop.


All sessions are private, and scheduled by appointment.
Each session is one hour’s duration, unless negotiated beforehand.
At least 24-hours’ notice is required for cancellations.

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