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    Photograph by Stuart Campbell Australia

    Photograph by Stuart Campbell Australia

    For many years, Pat Wilson has been training aspiring and accomplished singers across Australia. Now based in Adelaide, she continues to combine her wealth of performing experience with many years’ experience as a vocal technician and coach to an impressive roster of students from beginners to music theatre stars.

    A versatile singer and pianist in the realms of musical theatre and cabaret, Pat has performed in theatre, music theatre, cabaret, concert, piano bar and jazz settings. She has recorded three albums of her original satirical songs. She has worked as Music Supervisor and major composer for a children’s television show, broadcast original satirical material on a weekly basis for two years with the ABC, had two of her books published (one co-authored with Dr Jean Callaghan), composed a commissioned music theatre show, as well as much music for theatre productions of many kinds. She continues to work as a musical director in theatre.

    Since 2001, Pat has been associated with the research and development of a new range of software products for singing teachers and their students, called Sing & See. She continues to do post-graduate research at the University of Sydney towards further development of this technology, while holding demonstration sessions for singing teachers in Australia and New Zealand.

    Pat holds a Master of Applied Science degree (interdisciplinary singing research), the Graduate Certificate in Singing Pedagogy (Distinction), a postgraduate specialist qualification from the University of Western Sydney, and piano credentials. In addition to her private vocal studio, Ms. Wilson also teaches singing in the acting faculties of tertiary drama training facilities, such as the University of Western Sydney and the Actors’ College of Theatre and Television; currently working in the Drama Department, Flinders University, Adelaide, and in the Music Theatre undergraduate degree course at the University of Adelaide. She is a conference keynote speaker and regular presenter of master classes on vocal technique and performance for professional music theatre. Pat is also an Examiner in singing and piano for the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB).

    She also belongs to the performing union, MEAA – Actors’ Equity (alliance.org.au), and the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing (ANATS) (anats.org.au).

    In Joan Melton’s book, ‘Singing in Musical Theatre: The training of singers and actors’ [Melton, Joan. (2007). Singing in musical theatre: The training of singers and actors. New York, Allworth Press.], Pat is one of sixteen international experts extensively interviewed for their views on the specialist topic of training performers for music theatre. Her interview is transcribed on pages 153-165 of this fascinating book. Joan Melton’s skill as an interviewer is such that you’ll get a pretty good idea of who Pat is and how she works from this one article.

    Pat and her partner – actor, director and acting teacher Adrian Barnes
    Photograph by Stuart Campbell Australia

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    Actor and/or Musical Director of

    • Variant (2012) ; Performing Lines, Seymour Centre, Sydney
    • Variant [preliminary showing – work in progress] (2010) : Performing Lines, Carriageworks, Sydney
    • The Fastest Clock In the Universe  (2010) ; Newtown Theatre, Sydney
    • Lemon Delicious  (2002)  :  New Theatre, Newtown, Sydney
    • Only Heaven Knows (2001) : Chapel Off Chapel, Melbourne
    • Mikado (2000) : BAPA/Begonia Festival,  Ballaarat
    • Pirates of Penzance (1999) : BAPA/Begonia Festival,  Ballaarat
    • Song of the Day : Yours and Mine  (1995) : Tilbury,  Wooloomooloo
    • All Night Café (1994) : Valeria Campo,  Parade Theatre,  Sydney
    • Hansel and Grethel (1993) : Therry,  Adelaide
    • The Venetian Twins (1993) : CPA,  Adelaide
    • The Threepenny Opera (1992) : CPA,  Adelaide
    • Jemmy Green in Australia (1988) : Pentimento Co., Melbourne
    • Bound For South Australia (1986);  Set Your Mind On Wishing (1987) : New Patch Theatre,


    • Footrot Flats (1985)  :  Australian tour
    • I Love You Tooley  (1985)  :  ILTY Company
    • Gone With Hardy (1982); The Ballad of Billy Lane (1982);  Beauty and the Beast (1986) :  Stage Company,  Adelaide

    Self-devised Shows

    • When We Are Old and Gay (2008/2009) :Two-hander devised and performed with Adrian Barnes. All original material. Slide Bar, Sydney (2008 – April, October return) (2009 – Springboards)
    • Not a Vicarage Tea Party (2001/2002)  :  Two-hander devised and performed with Adrian Barnes.  All original material. Chapel Off Chapel, Melbourne; Street Theatre, Canberra; St Laurence Arts Centre, Sydney
    • The Incredible Shrinking Mortgage Show (1990)  :  Two-hander devised and performed with Adrian Barnes. All original material. Sheridan, Adelaide, then Castlemaine Festival, then S.A. country centres tour, then (1991) at the Athanaeum, Melbourne Comedy Festival, then (1991) Edinburgh Festival.
    • Sod ‘em and Tomorrow (1989) : Two-hander,  devised and performed with Adrian Barnes.  All original material.  Lion Theatre, Adelaide, then The Gershwin Room,  Melbourne,  then  (1990)  Edmund Wright House,  Adelaide,  during Adelaide Festival
    • Been There, Sung That (1986)  : Devised and performed with Adrian Barnes and Christopher Prank. Some original material.  Adelaide Festival, 4-week run at Tooley’s Restaurant
    • Pat Wilson : Words and Music (1982) : One-woman show;  all original material.  Adelaide Festival,  4-week run at Sheridan Theatre


    • Hi 5, children’s TV series. (Channel 9). Series 12, and continuing. Vocal coach (2010 +)
    • Where You Find The Ladybird,  children’s TV series.  (Channel 10)  Musical Director, composer,  songwriter,  voice talent (1996)


    • When We Are Old And Gay (2008);
    • Songs from Sod ‘em (1990);
    • Terminal Buffet (1988);
    • Unarmed Wombat  (1981)

    All original material.  The earliest two written and recorded by Pat Wilson, and the others written and performed in association with Adrian Barnes

    Commissioned Compositions

    • [Writer Full Member, A.P.R.A.]   All music theatre compositions
    • Variant (2012) ; Performing Lines, Seymour Centre, Sydney
    • The Day the Sky Turned Black (2010) : Sydney/Adelaide/Edinburgh Fringe (2011) New York Fringe / Sydney Fringe[Underscore of theatre piece]
    • Coffee (2010) ; Coffeeboy Productions / Springboards, Sydney [Underscore of theatre piece]
    • The Inexorable Tendency (2008) : Love/Entropy Productions [Film and live action underscore]
    • Music supervisor and composer for Channel 10 children’s TV show ‘Where You Find The Ladybird’ (1996)
    • Hansel and Grethel (1993) : Commissioned full-length musical. Book by Adrian Barnes, music and lyrics by Pat Wilson. Therry Society, Royalty Theatre, Adelaide
    • The Bingo Boogie Cabaret Charade (1991) : Jumbuck Theatre Co.
    • Set Your Mind On Wishing (1987) : New Patch Theatre Co.


    • Master of Applied Science (Communication Sciences and Disorders)  [High Distinction]  (2007) – University of Sydney  (Research degree investigating aspects of singing training)
    • Graduate Certificate in Singing Pedagogy  [Distinction] (1998) – University of Western Sydney


    Singing and voice workshops; master-classes; vocal rehabilitation; private singing students. Have been on faculties of the Centre for the Performing Arts, Adelaide; Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music (CASM), University of Adelaide; Eora Centre for Aboriginal Studies (TAFE), Sydney; Actors’ Centre Australia,  Sydney; University of Western Sydney; Melba Conservatorium (Melbourne); Actors’ College of Theatre and Television, Sydney. Spent 2½ years as Co-ordinator of Voice for the Ballaarat Academy of Performing Arts (BAPA), University of Ballaarat. Currently teaching from my own studio in Sydney, and at the Australian International Conservatorium of Music. Resident vocal coach for ‘Hi-5’, children’s television series (Southern Star Productions).


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    Australian citizen; born Melbourne

    Trained in singing and classical piano (A.M.E.B)

    Initial professional training as a scientific and technical librarian; worked in Australia and New Zealand both establishing and managing private enterprise, public and tertiary library collections.

    On the basis of this work, appointed a senior public servant in the South Australian Public Service for 11 years, working in information management systems.

    Since then: Self-employed as free-lance professional performer, musical director in theatre,  teacher of voice,  singing and piano,  arts journalist and theatre critic,  broadcaster,  composer,  actor and author  (see accompanying C.V.).

    Worked part-time (2001-2005) in the University of Sydney Faculty of Health Sciences, School of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Cumberland Campus,  as part of a research team investigating ways in which the use of computer-based real-time visual feedback can benefit singers. This research grew from a major ARC (Australian Research Council) grant.

    As a result of this work, became amember of the 5-person research team which formed a company for marketing the product of this research, Sing&See™ software.      http://www.singandsee.com

    Postgraduate qualifications:

    Graduate Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy  – Distinction (University of Western Sydney)

    Master of Applied Science [Communication Sciences and Disorders] – High Distinction (University of Sydney).  The research investigated the role of visual feedback in the tasks associated with learning to sing in tune.

    Tertiary performance training institutions at which I have taught include:

    *Centre for the Performing Arts, Adelaide, South Australia http://www.acarts.edu.au/college.htm

    [3-year full-time course; teaching singing to actors and dancers.  Writing competency-based curriculum for my subject area]

    *Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music, University of Adelaide


    [Undergraduate degree course; teaching singing,  music theory and performance skills to aboriginal and Torres Straits islander students]

    *Actors’ Centre Australia, Surry Hills,  New South Wales


     [Devised and taught course of singing for actors in the full-time Journey course]

    *Eora Centre


    [Taught singing and music theory skills in tertiary training course for aboriginal and Torres Straits islander students]

    *Actors College of Theatre and Television, Sydney, New South Wales


    [Taught singing for actors in three-year full-time training course.  Helped devise the Music Theatre course, wrote the singing and voice curriculum, supervised delivery of the initial Music Theatre course]

    *Ballaarat University, Ballaarat, Victoria


    Head of Voice,  taught spoken voice and singing for three-year full-time undergraduate courses in Acting and Music Theatre performance.  Helped devise the Music Theatre Course, and wrote curriculum for voice and singing units within it.

    *University of Western Sydney, Penrith Campus, New South Wales


    Taught Voice in Performance and Singing for Music Theatre courses as part of 3-year full-time undergraduate degree courses.  Worked as Acting Head of Voice Studies for some time.  Wrote curriculum.  Vocal coach for all practical third-year projects.

    NOTE:  The institutions listed above are places where I have worked for considerable periods of time.  I have given guest lectures, master classes, conference papers and workshops in many other places within Australia and overseas.

    Formerly,  National Secretary of the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing – ANATS

    Currently,  Professional member, ANATS


    Formerly,  National Secretary of the Australian Voice Association

    Currently,  Professional member, AVA


    Currently, active Professional Member of MEAA (Actors’ Equity)


    Currently,  Professional Member, Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare – ASPAH


    Currently, Writer Full Member of Australian Performing Rights Association (APRA)


    Currently revising a reference book of music theatre repertoire (title “What’ll I do?”) for submission to more publishers or for publication as a CD-ROM.

    Currently collating a book of tongue-twisters for singers and actors; seeking publisher.

    Currently teaching singing for principal study students at the Australian International Conservatorium of Music, Sydney.

    Currently Resident vocal coach for international children’s television show,  “Hi-5”.

    Currently teaching one-on-one in my studio,  specialising in music theatre styles and repertoire, working collaboratively with ENT specialists (otolaryngologists) and speech pathologists towards vocal rehabilitation of performers, and  teaching singers to act and actors to sing for music theatre. 

    I have three children, grandchildren, and a partner (Adrian Barnes) who is an actor, director and acting teacher.

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