Sing & See

A revolutionary new software for singing teachers and their students.

Sing&See is a way for singers to actually see their voices on a computer screen while they sing, and so improve their vocal capabilities. This exciting new Australian produced software has only just been launched onto the local and international market.

Sing&See is the brainchild of Dr William Thorpe, Dr Jean Callaghan and Prof Jan Van Doorn. Pat has been working with them on its research and development since 2001. She continues to do post-graduate research at the University of Sydney towards further development of the technology, whilst holding regular demonstration sessions of the software for singing teachers in Australia and New Zealand.

The manual produced to guide singing teachers in the use of this new teaching aid, How to Sing and See: Singing teaching in the digital era (published 2004), was jointly written by Dr Jean Callaghan and Pat Wilson.

For more information, please visit the Sing&See website:

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