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    Photograph by Stuart Campbell Australia

    Photograph by Stuart Campbell Australia

    For the past 25 years, Pat Wilson has been training aspiring and accomplished singers across Australia. Now based in Sydney, she continues to combine her wealth of performing experience with many years’ experience as a vocal technician and coach to an impressive roster of students from beginners to music theatre stars.

    A versatile singer and pianist in the realms of musical theatre and cabaret, Pat has performed in theatre, music theatre, cabaret, concert, piano bar and jazz settings. She has recorded three albums of her original satirical songs. She has worked as Music Supervisor and major composer for a children’s television show, broadcast original satirical material on a weekly basis for two years with the ABC, had two of her books published (one co-authored with Dr Jean Callaghan), composed a commissioned music theatre show, as well as much music for theatre productions of many kinds. She continues to work as a musical director in theatre.

    Since 2001, Pat has been associated with the research and development of a new range of software products for singing teachers and their students, called Sing & See. She continues to do post-graduate research at the University of Sydney towards further development of this technology, while holding demonstration sessions for singing teachers in Australia and New Zealand.

    Pat holds a Master of Applied Science degree (interdisciplinary singing research), the Graduate Certificate in Singing Pedagogy (Distinction), a postgraduate specialist qualification from the University of Western Sydney, and piano credentials. In addition to her private vocal studio, Ms. Wilson also teaches singing in the acting faculties of tertiary drama training facilities, such as the University of Western Sydney and the Actors’ College of Theatre and Television; currently working in the Drama Department, Flinders University, Adelaide, and in the Music Theatre undergraduate degree course at the University of Adelaide. She is a conference keynote speaker and regular presenter of master classes on vocal technique and performance for professional music theatre. Pat is also an Examiner in singing and piano for the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB).

    She also belongs to the performing union, MEAA – Actors’ Equity (alliance.org.au), the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing (ANATS) (anats.org.au), the Australian Society for Performing Arts health (ASPAH) (aspah.org.au), and the Australian Voice Association (www.australianvoiceassociation.com.au).

    In Joan Melton’s recent book, ‘Singing in Musical Theatre: The training of singers and actors’ [Melton, Joan. (2007). Singing in musical theatre: The training of singers and actors. New York, Allworth Press.], Pat is one of sixteen international experts extensively interviewed for their views on the specialist topic of training performers for music theatre. Her interview is transcribed on pages 153-165 of this fascinating book. Joan Melton’s skill as an interviewer is such that you’ll get a pretty good idea of who Pat is and how she works from this one article.

    Pat and her partner – actor, director and acting teacher Adrian Barnes
    Photograph by Stuart Campbell Australia

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